Pinguicula chilensis - Sämlinge frisch gekeimt


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  • Pinguicula chilensis - Sämlinge einjährig
  • Pinguicula chilensis - Sämlinge frisch gekeimt
  • Heliamphora folliculata x neblinae 'Clone #1'
  • Heliamphora huberi {Angasima Tepui} x elongata {Karaurin Tepui}
  • Heliamphora folliculata x neblinae 'Clone #1'
  • Heliamphora huberi {Angasima Tepui}
  • Heliamphora huberi {Angasima Tepui}
  • Heliamphora neblinae x hispida {Cerro Neblina}
  • Heliamphora purpurascens 'giant' x folliculata {Apraman Tepui}

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